Is Identity Theft Protection Service Worth It?

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Stories of data breach are synonymous with cyber safety. In 2017, about 16.5 million data breach cases were reported – a record number that still worries most online users.

The thought that someone might steal your identity online is a scary one. If you are too busy to monitor your credit transactions online or you are not familiar with how credit monitoring works, you might want to hire an identity theft protection service. While these services are excellent when you have already experienced identity theft, or you are at high risk of having your credit data stolen, it is worth noting that you can do everything they do.

How Do Identity Theft Protection Services Work?

Identity theft protection services follow your credit transactions online to alert you when there is unauthorized use of your personal information. However, these services cannot prevent a data breach; they mostly help you after a breach. The services;

  • Monitor your credit transactions
  • Notify you of unauthorized use of your data
  • Scan devices and update your security software
  • Warn you of threats
  • Help you recover your identity after it is stolen
  • They also watch your credit report for any dubious activities.

Picking the Right Service

Excellent service should monitor more than the three leading credit reporting agencies. It should monitor payday loans sites, changes of addresses, black market sites, court records, and any other site where personal information might be sold or used.

Identity Guard and LifeLock are among the top identity theft protection services. If you decide you need these services, do a quick Identity Guard vs. LifeLock search to determine which service meets your needs. Each of the services has its pros and cons – while LifeLock

Is identity theft protection worth your money? Yes, if you feel you are at high risk and you have no time to monitor your transactions online actively.