Here’s How You Can Pass Microsoft MCSE AZ-203 Exam with PrepAway

General overview

In today’s world, cloud computing is very popular since it makes sharing resources and accessing files much easier. Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service that was developed by Microsoft in 2010.

Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate certification

What is Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate certification? You can earn this certificate by passing the MCSE AZ-203 exam Click to Get Files .

The MCSE AZ-203 exam overview

MCSE AZ-203 is the only exam you have to sit for to become certified. Here are the topics that you will be tested on at the MCSE AZ-203 exam:

  • Developing Azure Infrastructure as a Service Compute Solutions (10-15%)
  • Develop the Azure Platform as a Service Compute Solutions (20-25%)
  • Developing for Azure storage (15-20%)
  • Implementing Azure security (10-15%)
  • Monitoring, troubleshooting, and optimizing Azure solutions (15-20%)
  • Connect to and expend Azure Services and Third-party Services (20-25%)

How to prepare for the MCSE AZ-203 exam

  1. Go through a training course
  2. Study the objectives
  3. Refer books related to the course materials
  4. Watch videos related to the Microsoft MCSE AZ-203 test.
  5. Join online forums
  6. Join study groups
  7. Practice questions and answers for the MCSE AZ-203 exam in PrepAway.

Benefits of becoming certified

Having a certification has a lot of benefits, such as:

  1. It validates your skills
  2. Gives access to more job opportunities
  3. Makes you eligible for a higher pay
  4. Brushes up your skills
  5. Updates you with the new developments in the field

Jobs you can get with your certification

There are some jobs that you can apply for with the Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate certification:

  1. Azure Developer
  2. Azure .net Developer
  3. Sr Azure ETL Developer
  4. Azure Sr Web Developer
  5. Cloud app developer


Having a certification is the best way to prove your competence. With all the right resources at hand to pass the MCSE AZ-203 exam, earning the certificate is a piece of cake.