RNG Software: Why It’s Important

Image source: Pexels

Until the first online casinos appeared around the start of the century, casino games were played either through a mechanical or a manual system. A slot machine had a mechanical process giving random outcomes, and dealers would spin the roulette wheel and deal the cards. Of course these still exist, but the multi-billion dollar online casino business has to rely on software and hardware to keep the games clean and honest.

What does random mean?

Before we dive into the dynamics of RNG software, it’s important to know what random means. The definition of random is basically ‘difficult to predict’. In the case of casino games, it would mean that for instance in a card game, it’s difficult to predict which card will be next. If a dealer doesn’t shuffle well enough, then the random factor is lower. If you’re using your casino welcome bonuses in an online card game, slot machine or something else, you want things to be as honest as possible, with a true random factor.

What does RNG software do in online casinos?

These days, online casinos and video slots use highly advanced RNG software that is always checked and regulated by authorities. A Random Number Generator is built into software and contains an algorithm that – based on a key or starting value – will give certain results at certain times. The starting value can be based on any factor: a mouse movement, the time on the computer. This software is not linked to external factors and will give the most random results to casino games. RNG software can use mathematical formulas to produce many strings of results, the most used formula is a linear congruential generator. There are many result strings and they are extremely difficult to replicate or predict, and thereby safer to use.

Why is RNG software so important?

In a nutshell, RNG software is important as it ensures there’s no cheating on the casinos side and that the outcomes are truly random and fair. This gives players the confidence knowing that what they do is purely based on chance and luck. In a virtual environment, players need to be assured that this is the case, and for this reason, online casinos openly publish that they are audited for fair play and random outcomes. 

Regulation of RNG software

While playing with your own money, you want to be able to trust a casino to play by the rules. If you set a big wager, the odds of winning have to be the same as with a small wager. Of course, online casinos want to make money as they operate as any other business, but they want to do it fair and in a regulated manner. Not only because it’s the right thing to do, but also because of strict regulations. Gaming control boards like the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) ensure that licensed online casinos provide fair and transparent gameplay, by checking all their systems regularly. The checks are based on a comprehensive set of legislation and regulations.

Future of RNG software

With computer systems getting faster by the day, the need for high quality RNG software is constantly on the rise. Therefore tech companies and online casinos are always in the process of improving and securing their RNG software. Fault and fraud detection, improving verification methods, testing and code reviews are measures to ensure the safety and reliability of RNG software. Universities and scientific institutions have been investigating quantum random number generators based on single-photon detection arrays. With these RNGs, the unpredictability will be almost unimaginable and, more importantly, impossible to break.