Staying safe when betting on sports online

As a majority of states in the US now pass through legislature allowing sports betting, it is important that bettors remain safe. This is why measures are being taken by regulators to endure that the industry is as safe as possible. The Office of the Attorney General’s Bureau of Gambling Control is responsible for the enforcement of gambling laws and regulations, which includes: 

  • Conducting investigations into entities and individuals who apply for gambling licences.
  • Conducting ongoing compliance investigations.
  • Reviewing rules of games and gaming activities in all state card rooms.
  • Administering the state self-exclusion programme for problem gambling.

Additionally, every state has a state regulator for gambling, be it sports, lottery or otherwise. There are even entities for specific types of betting. For example, in California the California Horse Racing Board oversees all horse racing whilst The California Lottery runs the only authorised lottery in the state.

Online sports bettors must remain vigilant, however. As with any online operation, it is essential to pay attention to where you are making transaction. You must be 100% certain that the sportsbook you are using is legitimate and regulated. Fraudulent operators and data hackers are becoming more sophisticated so always use only official apps and websites when wagering.

So how best to guard against being caught out by an unregulated site? Fortunately, there are a number of ways, meaning it is a lot harder for scammers to catch bettors out.

Gambling Licenses

Every official online betting player is issued with a gambling commission license number. This number is usually visible on their homepage to confirm the legitimacy. They may also have a stamp on their page from a regulatory body. Failing that, you can always access their ‘Help’ page for customer service to help verify the legitimacy. If you do not see any of this this when wagering think about whether you want to bet with that company.

Name Value

This one is fairly simple. Go for a reputable sportsbook. If you are betting with a casino or sportsbook that you have not heard of before, then you will at least want to research it. DraftKings is one of the biggest and most trustworthy players on the market and is an official provider for several states in the US. You can find lists online of the official sportsbooks of every state with legalized sports betting.

Safe Payment Methods

Anyone who has placed a bet online before knows you need to enter your details to deposit into your wallet. This itself is not an issue, however the method you use may be. When depositing, keep an eye out for established brands such as Paypal, Skrill, Visa and Mastercard. Additionally, research the data security and encryption of the site you are using. You can view details on how providers keep your account and information safe by going through their ‘Help’ page.

Create Your Own Security

No matter how safe your sportsbook keeps you, there is only so much they can do before you become liable. It is incredibly important you create strong passwords when using any site that requires your bank details. Studies show that almost two thirds of people use the same password across multiple sites. Make sure your password is unique but of course something you can remember.

Be Wary Of Bonuses

One of the best things about sports betting being ushered into the digital revolution is the number of bonuses and promos available to both new and existing customers. Welcome bonuses are very enticing for new customers so it is important you make sure they are legitimate before signing up. To do this you can visit their official site or download their app and read through the terms and conditions of the bonus itself. Additionally, most all official sportsbooks will have bluetick verified socials where they will likely advertise their promos and bonuses. 

Don’t Click Sketchy Links

Sticking with the topic of welcome bonuses, fraudulent sites will try to entice people with false promises. As mentioned before, always read the terms and conditions but also make sure you are not following links that are made to dupe you. Domain names cannot be duplicated but scammers may create similar ones to fool you. Legitimate sportsbooks will also never ask you to download additional files. Keep this in mind when browsing. 

Hopefully this has given you a good idea of how to stay safe when sports betting. With the blanket legalization of sports betting stretching all around the US, wagering has never been more popular and lucrative. Make sure you take the time to ensure you are wagering through legitimate apps and sites before you back your favourite teams.