Create your own Ransomware – Open source Ransomware malware

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Ransomware, the biggest pain that is causing many PC and laptop completely encrypted. If you don’t have money or brains, you cannot survive. It encrypts your important data, it can be your personal as well as official data from images to word and to excel files, etc. Till now ransomware malware was only available on the Dark Web, but thanks to a Turkish security researcher, “Utku Sen”.

Turkish security researcher published the first malware with source code, available on GitHub. This malware is known as “Hidden Tear” ransomware, available for download at:

It uses AES encryption to encrypt you files and creates a text file on desktop to pay to get your file.

“Hidden Tear may be used only for educational purposes. Do not use it as a ransomware.”

This Ransomware is not as Cryptowall or Cryptolocker but it shows the scary part of a Ransomware.

Click on the youtube demonstration video by Utku Sen