Netbios Over TCP/IP – nbtstat usage in detail

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As per ethical hacking professionals, Nbtstat is a network tool that is used to check the running TCP/IP connections. Nbtstat list all the network connections that are used in Windows OS. This tool is pre-installed in Windows you no need use any external software to run nbtstat. It’s an effective tool to determine all the TCP/IP connections of the Windows machines.

According the ethical hacking researcher of iicybersecurity, nbtstat can be used in public wifi networks to gather all the Ip addresses and use them in fingerprinting or attacking on any pubic ip addresses.

  • For starting nbtstat.
    • Go to Windows start menu.
    • Type cmd.

In order see the TCP/IP connections you must have IPv4 address to determine TCP/IP connections. You can get IPv4 by following steps:-

  • For getting an IPv4
    • Type ipconfig in cmd which will list all your IP configuration.


  • For using nbtstat, type NBTSTAT in cmd of windows machine. Nbtstat options are case sensitive. please type each command very carefully.

  • The above commands can be used to list all the TCP/IP connections in windows machine.

USING -A / -a  option in nbtstat :-

  • Command – nbtstat -a / -A <remote name> <Ip address>. If you use <remote name> <IP address> the output will be same as shown below.
  • Type nbtstat -a



  • After scanning the target IP address, the command also provides the mac address.
  • The above information especially the mac address can be use in other hacking activities.

USING -c option in nbtstat :-

  • Type nbtstat -c

  • As you can see, <-c> has returned with the one ip address. The above IP address can be used in exploiting.
  • -c option listnbtstat cache table.


  • Jai-Pc (1) is the remote user name .
  • Types (2) is used to show IP address it has returned is unique or group. If it is unique that mean its main PC if it is group that might be another network adapters which are installed.
  • For example if you installed vmware or virtualbox both of them will install their own network adapters with different MAC/IP addresses.
  • IPv4 (3) address –
  • Life (sec) – (4) is showing 220 that means it will expire in 220 seconds.

USING -n option in netstat:-

  • Type nbtstat -n
  • <-n> wll list the local netbios names.

  • After executing the above command, -n has returned with local netbios names.
  • This is helpful to check your computer netbios names. To know how many network adapters are present.

USING -r option in netstat :-

  • Type nbtstat -r
  • <-r> to list names resolved by broadcast and via WINS.

  • After executing the above command, -r has listed the broadcasts names.
  • This command returns with no. of users which has been configured to use the WINS and registered using the broadcast.
  •  WINS is used to maintain the mapping of computer names to addresses.