Earlier in part I we have shown adb hacks which are used in testing or foot printing phases. That how adb (android debug bridge) can be used in gathering information of any mobile device. Type of companies who manufacture chip using ARM instructions. adb has various uses specially if the device is rooted. According to ethical hacking researcher of International Institute of Cyber Security If you are using adb on non-rooted devices many features won’t work. Today we will show some another adb uses.

Byass Android Lock Screen :-

  • For testing we are using Samsung I9060 with flashed ROM of Android 4.4 Kitkat version. Configure your mobile device with computer.
  • Earlier we have set pattern of lock screen. Below you can see that we set screen lock with pattern.
  • We have set below pattern.
  • Connect your mobile with computer. Open CMD as administrator. Type adb devices && adb shell
  • Type su
  • Then run rm /data/system/gesture.key
  • After running above script You can unlock your mobile device with any pattern. Now we have tried with different patterns.
  • Above you can see the mobile is unlocking with different patterns. In the background lock screen key configuration file is removed. As we removed config file. Screen lock is just a palette which is running without any configuration file or any blackend code.
  • If you develop any android application. You will notice android palette in android studio. Android studio palette contains different buttons, views which are used in designing any android application.

List Ongoing Processes in adb :-

  • For listing running processes with ID. Type adb shell ps. iiCyberSecurity ethical hacking researcher says thats this can be used to find spy process in android devices.
  • Above shows ruunning processes in android shell. Listing with PID.

Get Details of Any Running Process :-

  • Type cat /proc/1223/comm for listing installed package name. Incellui is an inbuilt application of samsung mobiles. Cyber Forensics experts of iiCyberSecurity comments that this can be used to find spy process app name in android devices.

Drop Down the Status Bar With Adb Command :-

  • Type service call statusbar 1 This command will call service handling the notification bar.
  • This query will dropdown the notification of your mobile.
  • For pulling up the status bar. Type service call statusbar2

Wake Up Or Sleep Your Mobile Device :-

  • Type input keyevent 26
  • You have to enter same command for waking up & for sleeping the mobile device screen.
  • Above you will see that how adb can help with various commands. Some commands shows the running services in the mobile devices.

Run Netstat To Display TCP Connections :-

Connect Wirelessly With Mobile Device Throught adb :-

  • For connecting your mobile wirelessly. You need to connect your computer & your mobile device on same network.
  • Type adb connect <Your IP address>
  • After connecting wirelessly you can run above commands without connecting it with USB cable.