Uncover virtual hosts of domain with Fierce

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FIERCE DNS SCANNER:- Fierce is a another domain scanner. It is written by Robert Hansen aka RSnake. It helps to locate non-contiguous IP space and hostname against target. This tool helps to uncover additional hosts that brute force may not have found, as stated by ethical hacking researcher in International Institute of Cyber Security.

  • For launching this tool simply go to linux terminal and type fierce -h as shown below

Now start using the queries.


  • Type fierce -dns knifecenter.com -threads 10

-threads, is used to scan faster. By default, fierce runs in single threaded mode.

====== OUTPUT SNIP =======

  • After finishing scan, subdomains along with subnets will be listed. By default fierce uses its own built in wordlist. But you can specify your own wordlist using -wordlist argument in command, as ethical hacking experts explain below:
fierce -dns knifecenter.com -threads 10 -wordlist /home/iicybersecurity/wordlist.txt



fierce -dns zonetransfer.me -threads 10 -file /home/iicybersecurity/Desktop/knifecenter.txt

This command with save the results to /home/iicybersecurity/Desktop/knifecenter.txt file.