iOS 9 Jailbreak: Yes, Apple’s latest version of iOS has already been cracked

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Apple will release iOS 9 next week, and some iOS 8 users who rely on unofficial apps installed on their iPhones and iPads after jailbreaking them are worried about upgrading. With each software release, Apple typically patches the security flaws used to jailbreak previous software versions. As a result, updating to the most recent iOS version usually invalidates existing jailbreaks.

However, one well-known hacker has already shown an untethered jailbreak proof-of-concept on YouTube, suggesting that a public iOS 9 jailbreak won’t take very long at all.

iH8snow, who jailbroke previous iOS releases, posted the video on YouTube,9to5Mac reports. The developer cracked the GM build of the software, which is the version that was just released, and which will likely be available to the general public for download in the following days.

The jailbreak is “dirty and hacky,” but it works on iOS 9 GM and iOS 9.1 beta, which was also just released. It’s also an untethered jailbreak, the kind of crack you want, as it lets the iPhone or iPad boot directly into a rooted state when the battery dies, without requiring a wired connection to a computer.

It’s not clear when the jailbreak might be released to users, though.

Meanwhile, iOS 8.4 can be jailbroken (the untethered way), but there is one critical thing to consider: a jailbroken iPhone is also at risk of coming in contact with iOS malware. In fact, the biggest iOS hack to date affected nearly a quarter of a million iOS devices precisely because they were jailbroken.

Check the iOS 9 jailbreak video below.