Linux Mangaka Mou Arrives for Anime and Manga Fans, Based on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

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Just a few minutes ago, September 20, Animesoft International had the great pleasure of informing Softpedia about the immediate availability for download of the final release of their Linux Mangaka Mou distribution.

Linux Mangaka Mou is the fifth major release of the Ubuntu-based distro for anime and manga fans. It is currently based on the latest LTS (Long-Term Support) version of the world’s most popular free operating system and built around the lightweight MATE desktop environment. Linux Mangaka’s sole purpose is to provide anime and manga fans with all sorts of tools for fansubbing and fandubbing.

Linux Mangaka Mou Arrives for Anime and Manga Fans, Based on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

“Today the whole Animesoft team are proud to be able to announce the final stage of Mou, which is based on Ubuntu with the lightweight MATE desktop, containing Apple and IBM PowerPC 64-bit architecture scripts. As any other Mangaka release (except One) you will be able to run on any 64-bit PC and enjoy a out-of-box fast and complete Linux for anime & manga multimedia viewing and editing purpose,” said the Linux Mangaka developers in an email to Softpedia.

A little bit of Linux Mangaka history

It looks like Animesoft International is using a new desktop environment with each new release of the distribution. For example, Linux Mangaka One used the Openbox window manager, Linux Mangaka Moe used the GNOME desktop environment, Linux Mangaka Nyu used the Pantheon desktop from elementary OS, Linux Mangaka Koe used the KDE4 desktop environment, and now Linux Mangaka Mou uses MATE.

All these releases of Linux Mangaka are available for download from the project’s website. The latest release, Linux Mangaka Mou comes as a Live DVD ISO image only for 64-bit computers, which means that you will be able to try the operating system directly from a bootable medium, such as DVD or USB. Download Linux Mangaka Mou right now from Softpedia.