FBI Wants You To “Just Pay The Ransom” to Cyber Criminals

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has stated that it’s completely fine to pay ransom to cyber criminals. 

If you are a fan of Hollywood movies you may be familiar with a statement that FBI  has a very strict policy statement “Never negotiate with the terrorists.” But, the same investigation bureau believes that cyber criminals asking for ransom should be paid without any negotiations.

One of the assistant special agents from FBI Joseph Bonavolonta said that “The ransomware is that good,” and that “to be honest, we often advise people just to pay the ransom,”according to Security Ledger. 

Basically, what happens in the Ransomware is that the hackers encrypt all your computer’s files with a malware and ask for ransom for decryption. Most the times payment is asked in terms of Bitcoin, sometimes it’s more 500 USD or more depending on the  importance of the files encrypted.

Most recent example of ransomware is Cryptolocker which makes $30 million every 100 days from gathering ransom. What’s more worrying is that the files encrypted with Cryptolocker are not easy to unlock until you get a key from hacker and in order to get the key you have to pay the amount or so long, have a good day.


FBI is not completely disappointing in this case, they are interested in listening to your stories and you can still report the crime. What they are trying to highlight is not to expect helicopters with SWAT teams coming your home to investigate or repairing your PC. It’s like come to us and register your crime but don’t expect us to take any action that’s your job (Filling the pockets of the hackers).


If you want to save yourself from ransomware make sure to backup all your files, which most users don’t, so either back up or pay the ransom, it’s as simple as that!

Previous case of ransomware:

In previous cases of ransomware the Midlothian Village, Illinois, Police Department and Tewksbury Police Department were infected had their computer systems hacked by cyber criminals who forced the departments to lockout from their systems and pay a ransom.

The Midlothian PD had to pay $606 while the Tewksbury PD had to pay $500 in bitcoins to get hold of their own computers.

In October 2014, the Sheriff’s Office in Dickson County, Tennessee, had to pay-off $500 to cyber criminals for retrieving the unlocking key for approx., 72,000 files.