Anonymous Announces Payback for ISIS Paris Attacks

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It didn’t take long for Anonymous members to rally and swear payback for the recent ISIS terror attacks that took place in Paris, France, on Friday, November 13, 2015.

Having run #OpISIS back at the beginning of the year, after the Charlie Hebdo massacre in January, various smaller branches of the Anonymous hacktivism group are now vowing to retake arms against their old foe.

In its previous campaign, the hackers tracked, hacked, unmasked, and reported thousands of Twitter accounts that were run or associated with the Islamic State’s members.

Expect the same thing to happen again, especially since ISIS doesn’t have any other kind of online presence that Anonymous can attack outside their Twitter accounts.

Yesterday, Belgium’s Internal Affairs Minister said that ISIS members might have used the built-in PlayStation 4 chat system to coordinate attacks. If this information is confirmed by French investigators, expect the group to take aim at Sony’s service in the coming months.

Anonymous has a long history of championing social causes, taking aim at Ku Klux Klanmembers, Monsanto’s GMO business, and multiple oppressive regimes.

Here are two videos put out by Anonymous’ Italian and French branches. Below them, there’s also the group’s statement. You can track the current campaign on Twitter using the #OpParis hashtag.