ISIS: Ghost Sec, Anonymous hack Islamic State website

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IT’S enough to make Islamic State sit up and take notice, or at the very least get a little hot under the collar.

A group associated with activist group Anonymous has hacked into the a supporting website for the terror group in the latest online attack against militants.

Instead of being led to a propaganda page, web users were instead greeted with a message which read: “Too much ISIS.”

“Enhance your calm. Too many people are into this ISIS-stuff. Please gaze upon this lovely ad so we can upgrade our infrastructure to give you ISIS content you all so desperately crave,” New York Magazine reported.

The site was taken down and replaced by hacking group, Ghost Sec, a group related to Anonymous.

Islamic State have been moving its propaganda pages into the dark web in an attempt to keep a low profile, and therefore less likely to be shut down.

Anonymous is targeting online propaganda such as this.
Anonymous is targeting online propaganda such as this.

However the page was discovered by Ghost Sec and not only taken down but replaced with the above message and linked to an online pharmacy, where payments can be made in bitcoin, and which would allow users to buy drugs including Prozac and viagra.

The hack comes days after Anonymous vowed to take down Islamic State, declaring war following the Paris terror attacks.

Anonymous claimed it had taken out thousands of Twitter accounts linked to the militant group.

“We report that more than 5,500 Twitter accounts of #ISIS are now #down!” the group said in a tweet.

The activist group said it posted the accounts to an online forum, labelling them #daeshbags in a reference to Daesh, an Arabic acronym for the Islamic State.

It also reportedly began leaking personal information of suspected extremists.

However Anonymous claims that it later took out some 20,000 accounts were called into question, with reports many of the names it wiped from the Twittersphere were not even related to the militant terror group.