Webhost Easily hit by malware attack

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UK webhosting company Easily has emailed its customers to inform them that it has fallen victim to a malware attack. COO Edwina McDowall says that the assailant is, as yet, unknown but steps have been taken to eliminate the malware.

The company warns that all customers should change their passwords as a precautionary measure, but seeks to assure people that credit card details have not been compromised.

The company has not revealed — publicly — how many customers have been affected by the attack but says that domain name ownership was never at risk. McDowall says that a forensic investigation by an external team uncovered the malware. Writing to customers whose accounts were not directly affected by the attack she said:

Webhost Easily hit by malware attack

The investigation revealed that a list of domain names registered on behalf of our customers was accessed. However, none of the domain names that are registered to you were featured on the list that was accessed.  We have found no evidence that your account details, passwords or any personal information which could identify you was accessed. However, as a precautionary measure, we recommend that you change the password which you use to log into easily.co.uk.

BetaNews has contacted Easily to find out more about the extent of the attacks, and we’ll update this article when we hear more.