Tokyo Uses Drone Equipped With Giant Net To Catch Illegally-Flying Drones

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The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department has taken maintaining law and order to another level: it uses a massive drone to catch other drones trespassing in its sky.

Any drone flying over Tokyo deemed dangerous, or unwanted, will be caught by the police. Japan Today reports that an anti-drone squad has been set up to deal with drones made to fly illegally near buildings in the capital such as the PM’s office, and in overcrowded residential regions.

The giant drone that will be used for this purpose is equipped with a net that will get hold of the unwanted drones and take them away.

Find the video that captures the moment perfectly:-

Before catching the rogue drones, though, the team will contact its operator first. If this is not successfully done, the drone identified in the sky will be taken down.

This measure is to be implemented because of an incident that happened last April when a suspicious drone released radioactive soil on the PM’s Office.