Anonymous Hacks Costa Rican Website Associated With Jurassic Park Island

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No, the hackers weren’t mad at any dinosaurs. On Christmas Eve, Egyptian hackers associated with the Anonymous Rabaa Team have defaced the website of the Ministry of the Environment in Costa Rica, and more specifically, two pages with details about the System of Conservation Areas and the Isla del Coco (Cocos Island), the inspiration for Isla Nublar from the Jurassic Park movies.

The hack is a simple website defacement, with no database breach, and shows a simple video about the Rabaa Square Massacre in Cairo, Egypt from August 2013.

Underneath the video, a written statement was also provided, along with the names of the hackers and hacking crews involved in the defacement: Dr.AFN[D]ENA, Freedom Cry, Mr.Moshkela, Dr.Mezo0, Almagek Kabo, X-Pr0 Altrsana, Alarg53, Dr.No0oS, Blood Injcetor_ps, and HectorMan.

A link to the Anonymous Rabaa Square Facebook page is displayed as well, where the group involved in this operation posted various materials about the Rabaa Square incident.

In the past, members like Dr.AFN[D]ENA, have also been involved in attacks against Israeli and other Western targets, claimed by the Cyber Caliphate, a hacking group associated with ISIS.

No pro-ISIS statement was given for this attack, maybe because Costa Rica has, in the past, pledged support for Palestine in its conflict with Israel, as Costa Rica Star Newsexplains.

As with most defacements, this seems to be an opportunistic hack, one in which the hackers found a vulnerability in a random government website, and took advantage to spread the word about their cause.

One of the defaced websites