Someone Just Hacked A Nintendo 3DS To Install Windows 95

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Short Bytes: A programmer has hacked a Nintendo 3DS to install Microsoft’s vintage OS Windows 95. The hack works fine on the newer version of the gaming console and is a premium ticket to a nostalgia ride.

Someone Just Hacked A Nintendo 3DS To Install Windows 95

When you come across the fact that someone has installed Windows 95 on Nintendo 3DS, you are not supposed to ask questions. You are supposed to admire it and feel nostalgic about this great piece of software.

According to a post on the forum, a user named Shutterbug2000 ported Windows 95 to Nintendo 3DS. “Back a while ago, I tried compiling the dosbox from libretro, and using retroarch to emulate dosbox. Yet, every time, it froze on a rainbow glitchy mess. So, I gave up for a while. Until tonight,” wrote Shutterbug2000 in a post on the forum.

Microsoft’s Retail Sales and Marketing Director tweeted this news and the link to a video booting Windows 95 on the console. Well, Nintendo 3DS doesn’t boot fully and fails to reach the desktop.

The members of the forum have posted comments on the blog hoping that with further work and improvement, more progress could be made.

Windows 95 was the operating system that changed the computing forever by introducing iconic Windows features like Start Menu. In the past, a hacker has successfully installed Windows 95 on his smartwatch.