Facebook Android App Gets Built-in TOR Support But Still Needs Your Real Name

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Short Bytes: If you are interested in increasing the security and privacy of your network traffic, here’s a great news for you. Facebook has just rolled out experimental TOR support for its Android app. Well, Facebook still needs your real name and information — how is that a way to stay anonymous? These are the questions that Facebook needs to answer.

Back in 2014, Facebook offered the support on TOR, world’s biggest anonymity network by launching a TOR onion address athttps://www.facebookcorewwwi.onion/.  Extending this support, the social network has now offered you the option to use its Android app over TOR browser.

This feature has grown and developed to provide experimental support for using Facebook Android app via TOR. This needs the use of Orbot, an app that is used for connecting to TOR on Android devices. After that, you just need to switch on a setting in your Facebook App Settings section. This will connect you to Facebook’s TOR hidden service and mask your IP address and prevent your ISP from seeing you.

“We commonly receive requests for additional platform support beyond the browser, and thanks to a project initiated by a summer intern at Facebook and subsequently picked up by our Protect and Care team in London, we are now offering experimental support for using Facebook over Tor,” Facebook wrote in a note.

How to use Facebook via Tor on Android?

Installing Orbot on your Android devices is a simple step that could be done by heading to Google Play Store or the Orbot F-Droid repository for downloading Orbot: Proxy with Tor. Here are the detailed instructions.

facebook over tor orbot

This new feature could potentially allow you to access Facebook even if it’s blocked in your countries. In countries where government works to censor the internet, the combination of Facebook and TOR could ensure that your government stays away from your status updates and pictures on Facebook.

Facebook still needs your real name and information. Is this a gimmick?

It should be noted that Facebook via TOR still needs your real name and information. How is that a way to stay anonymous? Doesn’t it defeat the purpose of TOR? These are few questions that Facebook needs to answer.

This feature will be released over the next few days, so don’t forget to update your Facebook app now. If the relevant option doesn’t appear yet, check back again later this week.