BackBox Linux 4.5 OS comes with pre-installed new hacking tools

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New Hacking Tools To Come Preinstalled With BackBox Linux 4.5 Security-Oriented OS.

The release of BackBox Linux 4.5 has been announced by the developers of the BackBox Linux operating system, which assures to bring a new kernel and lots of upgraded packages, plus it is also immediately available for download.

As far as the overall performance of the system is concerned, BackBox Linux 4.5 will come preinstalled with Linux kernel 4.2 and will also come with various new and special tools, such as Automotive Analysis and OpenVAS that assures to make a big difference, according to the release notes.

BackBox Linux 4.5 OS comes with pre-installed new hacking tools

The announcement reads, “In this release we have some special new features included to keep BackBox up to date with last developments in security world. Tools such as OpenVAS and Automotive Analysis will make a big difference. BackBox 4.5 comes also with Kernel 4.2.”

Among other exciting things implemented in BackBox Linux 4.5, includes the support for the BackBox Cloud platform, as well as improvements to the Anonymous mode, upstream components updates, and fixes for many of the bugs reported by users since the previous release.

Lastly, there are numerous new hacking tools included in BackBox Linux 4.5, and several of them have been updated to their latest versions, of which some are hashcat, guymanager, wpscan , knockpy, nmap, zaproxy, binwalk, set, can-utils, apktool, phishing-frenzy, and sqlmap.