Tor Announces Official Release of Tor Browser 5.5 With New Features

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Short Bytes: Tor Browser 5.5 is the first stable release in the 5.5 series of Tor. It is released for all the supported operating systems, including GNU/Linux, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows. It is now available for download from the Tor Browser Project page along with many new features.

The recent Tor Browser 5.5 release features important security updates to Firefox. Tor browser 5.5 is based on the ESR (Extended Support Release) version of the Mozilla Firefox 38.6.0. Also, Tor 5.5 browser has updated many of its core components like Tor Launcher to, Torbutton to, NoScript to, and libevent 2.0.22.

Tor Announces Official Release of Tor Browser 5.5 With New Features

There are also lots of other features in the new Tor Browser 5.5. Some of the most important ones are:

  • Implementation of a defense protocol against font enumeration attacks
  • Improvements in the keyboard fingerprinting defense
  • Ability to isolate Shared Workers to the first-party domain
  • Addition of a Japanese locale and,
  • About: Tor appearance polishing.

With Tor Browser 5.5 already out, the development team behind the Tor Project has already started working on the next major release, Tor Browser 6.0. Tor browser 6.0 has already received a first Alpha build.

Some of the other important bug fixes are:

  • Avoid empty prompt shown after non-en-US update
  • Remove Tor fundraising donation banner
  • Clean up tor-control-port.js
  • Move handling into a Firefox patch
  • Code cleanup
  • Translation updates
  • Update Tor Launcher to
  • Bundle a fixed set of fonts to defend against fingerprinting
  • Remove Flashproxy
  • Load a static tab with change notes after an update
  • Avoid loop due to optimistic data SOCKS code
  • After update, load local change notes
  • Disable RC4 fallback
  • Remove custom updater certificate pinning

Know more about the new features in release and get the download links from the Tor Project page.