HSBC online banking services offline due to a DDoS attack

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The British branch of the HSBC bank has suffered for the second time in a month a cyber attack that brought its services offline.

It’s happened again, HSBC customers were not able to access the online services of the bank due to a DDoS attack that hit the financial institution.

“HSBC UK internet banking was attacked this morning. We successfully defended our systems.” states a Tweet sent by the official account of the bank.

“We are working hard to restore services, and normal service is now being resumed. We apologise for any inconvenience.”


HSBC ddos attack
A spokesperson for HSBC confirmed to the BBC that a DDoS attack hit the bank:

“HSBC internet banking came under a denial of service attack this morning, which affected personal banking websites in the UK.”

According to media, users were not able to access bank services, including the personal banking app since 8.30am this morning. Some users reported they have been redirected to “” while trying to login via their browser.

Curiously the security team at HSBC is claiming to have “successfully defended” the attack despite the serious outage suffered by its services.

This is the second time the services of the bank were not accessible this month, on January 4th the chief operating officer profoundly apologised for an online outage that lasted two entire days.