Rent the infamous AlienSpy backdoor is now quite easy

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Security experts at Kaspersky have spotted in the wild a new variant of AlienSpy RAT Family openly offered with a model of malware-as-a-service.

Today we will speak about a case of malware-as-a-service, in the specific case the threat is a remote access trojan, aka RAT, that could be used to gain control over multiple platforms, including Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and Android.

The RAT belongs to a family of Java malware that exists since 2013 and that recently is offered for sale as a “commercial” backdoor-as-a-service. It is known as AlienSpy or Adawind, and security experts spotted it in an attack on an employee of a Singapore bank.

In April 2015, experts at Fidelis discovered that variants of the AlienSpy remote access trojan (RAT) were used in global phishing campaigns to deliver the popular Citadel banking Trojan and maintain the persistence inside the targeted architecture with a backdoor mechanism.

AlienSpy implements the typical features of other RATs plus further features, including the ability to capture webcam sessions, to steal browser credentials, to use the victim’s microphone to record environment conversations, to access files and to provide a remote desktop control.

AlienSpy uses plugins to implement the above capabilities and experts have dozens of different plugins.

AlienSpy RAT

AlienSpy botnet was destroyed in 2015 when the experts identified the command and control infrastructure and neutralized it.

Security experts at Kaspersky have spotted a new variant of the malware that has been modified and offered as a service in the criminal underground. Researchers at Kaspersky observed more than 150 attack campaigns relying on the new variant of AlienSpy, bad actors in the wild targeted more than 60,000 individuals.

[it] is open for service again to customers ranging from Nigerian scam operators to possible nation-state actors. Ars has confirmed that the service is offered openly through a website on the public Internet.” states Ars.

The analysis of subscribers to the malware-as-a-service revealed that the majority of clients come from the US, Canada, Russia, and Turkey.

AlienSpy RAT family jsocket-640x584 Ars 2

Image from Ars post

The new variant of AlienSpy is dubbed JSocket and jRat and is available for rent on the Internet at prices ranging from $30 for one month to $200 for an unlimited version.

According to the researcher Vitaly Kamluk who analyzed the threat, the operator behind the service‘s author is a native Spanish speaker, likely Mexican.

The new variant of AlienSpy, aka JSocket and jRat, is widely adopted in scam scheme, particularly the Nigerian e-mail-based scam campaigns targeting bank customers.