How to Hack Any Windows 7 User Password.

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This is a how to to change any user password on a windows 7 computer. If you forgot your password you can change any account password even if you are locked out of your account.

Warning I am not responsible for any damage done to any computer in the process of this hack or any other hacks I publish

Fair tip: Some administrators have disabled system repair making this hack useless. To see if system repair is available follow steps 1 and 2.

Step 1: First Startup the Computer and Cut the Power at Windows Startup.

The first thing that you need to do is startup your computer. After you computer starts, shutoff the power source (unplug it) when you see the window startup come up.

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Step 2: Restart Your Computer and Select Windows Repair.

After you shutoff your computer by cutting the power you want to plug your computer back in and turn it on again. You should then by prompted with launch startup repair, select this option by hitting enter when it is highlighted.

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Step 3: When Prompted to Restore Your Computer Click Cancel.

You will pull up the windows computer repair menu. You will see a window pop up that says Do you want to restore your computer using system restore? Just click cancel and let the windows repair search for problems and attempt to fix them.

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Step 4: Wait for the Repair Search to Finish.

It is going to take 15-20 minutes for the computer to finish searching and fixing the problems.

Step 5: Click View Problem Details When a Window Pops Up Saying the Repair Failed.

After the search and repair you should get a window saying that the computer cannot fix itself automatically. Click the View problem details drop down and scroll to the bottom of the drop down.

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Step 6: Click the View Problem Details Drop Down and Select the Text Document.

Click on the View problem details drop down and at the very bottom select the text document.

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Step 7: In the Text Reader Go into File Then Click Open to Get into the Computers Files.

After you click the text document click file then open to pull up all of the systems files. From there navigate into your C: drive and open up the Windows folder. From the windows folder open up System32 and look for the following programs.


Rename the application sethc and change it to the name sethc1..
Then rename the application cmd to sethc.

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Step 8: Restart Your Computer.

Restart your computer and start it normally if you are prompted to fix it.

Step 9: Hit Shift Key Five Times While in the Users Menu.

After you restart your computer wait until you are in the user menu. Once the computer has fully loaded hit shift multiple times until the command prompt pops up.

Step 10: Type in the Correct Command to Reset the Computer.

Once you have the command prompt up type the following command.

net user <user name goes here> <password goes here>

Do not include the greater than and less than signs.

Step 11: There You Have It, You Have Now Successfully Reseted a Windows 7 Computer Password.

Now there can be cases where the administrator has disabled the windows startup repair and therefore this hack cannot be done.