Canadian Gold-Mining firm Goldcorp hacked

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Canadian Gold-Mining Company Goldcorp suffered a major data breach, 14.8 GB Data Stolen, the hackers plan to release more data dumps soon.

The Canadian gold-mining firm Goldcorp suffered a major data breach, attackers have stolen online a 14.8 GB archive.

The archive includes company’s employees’ data (career data, titles, email addresses, location information, private telephone number, work phone number, compensation rates of 2014), the hackers leaked online sample data by publishing a document on Pastebin and a URL address to a full torrent download.


The archive also includes 2016 budget information and international contacts, network information, and recovery processes.

According to the hackers the data dump includes the following info:

  • T4’s, W2’s, other payroll information
  • Contract agreements with other companies
  • Bank accounts, wire transfers, marketable securities
  • Budget documents from 2012 – 2016
  • Employee network information, logins/passwords
  • International contact list
  • IT Procedures, Disaster Recover, VMWare recovery procedures
  • Employee passport scans.
  • Progress reports
  • SAP Data
  • Treasury reports

According to The Daily Dot, the data appear authentic and the archive contains most, if not all, of the above records.

“The Daily Dot was able to verify that the names and titles correspond with current employees of Goldcorp. A PDF included in the dump shows the expired passport of a Goldcorp executive. The name and photo on the passport correspond with the man’s LinkedIn profile.” states the article published by the The Daily Dot.

The Daily Dot contacted Goldcorp to report the alleged data breach and an employee of the company said they were already aware of the incident.

“Goldcorp confirmed today that the company’s network has been compromised and is working to determine the full scope and impact of the incident. The appropriate authorities have been notified,” a Goldcorp spokesperson said in an email to the Daily Dot. “The company’s internal IT security team has been working with leading independent IT security firms to rapidly gather facts, provide information to affected employees and ensure a robust action plan is in place, including immediate preventative modifications to its IT processes and increased network security protocols.”

The hackers plan to release more dumps in the incoming days as reported in the message published on PasteBit.

“[S]everal more data dumps are being prepared. [T]he next dump will include 14 months of company-wide emails, emails containing some good old fashion corporate racism, sexism, and greed.”