Former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo was hacked

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OurMine, the same group that hacked Mark Zuckberg’s Pinterest and Twitter accounts, seems to be behind it.

Even the former CEO of Twitter isn’t protected from the occasional security hack. Earlier this afternoon, three tweets were sent from Dick Costolo’s account claiming to be from a group called OurMine.

The tweets have since been deleted and the Twitter account belonging toOurMine has been suspended.

However, according to Costolo, it wasn’t his Twitter account that was hacked.


Here are the tweets that were cross-posted to his account.

One of the tweets linked to a post on what appears to be Costolo’s Pinterest account.

OurMine is the same group of hackers that targeted Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s Pinterest and Twitter accounts and posted similar messages. In screenshots of previous OurMine tweets, the group claims to be “teaching” people to better secure their accounts.