Scammers exploit recent wave of attacks to trick victims with phishing attacks

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Scammers exploit the recent a wave of attacks to trick victims with phishing offensive and steal sensitive data from the unaware users.

Crooks always exploits the media attention on tragic events for their illegal activities and trick victims with social engineering techniques. Experts observed scammers in the past exploiting news like the crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 or the  Boston marathon attack.

Now terrorism is always in the headlines, people fear possible new attacks so it’s normal that crooks will try to exploit the situation.

The Czech news portal iDNES reported that scammers have been exploiting the news of a fake ‘terrorist act’ in Prague for cyber attacks.

The idea was to trick victims into revealing personal data in the wake of recent attacks in Europe.

The fake news reports a “deadly attack” in Prague that killed more than 300 people and 600 injured. The scammers use to exploit Facebook to spread the fake news, the choice of the delivery mechanism is not causal, social media allow attackers to reach wide audience instantaneously.

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