New Jersey Town Website Hacked 8 Times in 20 Days

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Website is currently down, nobody knowns who hacked it. Between July 7 and July 26, the date of the last reported hack, the website of the Harrison city council,, has been hacked eight different times.

There are no clues about the identity of the hacker(s), and at this time, it is not known if the same person hacked the website all eight times or more than one party participated in the attacks.

What’s currently known is that the website is still down, 23 days after the initial hack that took place on July 7.

Scan Worx, the company that was managing the website for the New Jersey town, took it down as a precaution and to bolster its security measures.


Authorities said that they did not store any sensitive data on town citizens on the site, which was used only to announce upcoming events, the Jersey Journal reported.

Based on snapshots recorded in the Internet Archive, the website was nothing more than a glorified WordPress blog.

While there were no reports of a defacement, the website may have been hacked as part of one of the massive hacking campaigns that recently started targeting WordPress and Joomla sites.

One of those is called Realstatistics, a campaign that started two years ago under the SoakSoak name and had hijacked over 100,000 websites, showing malicious ads or hijacking traffic to exploit kits in order to infect users with malware.