This Hacker Shows How Easy It Is To Hack A Credit Card Or A Passport

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Short Bytes: Adam Laurie is a security researcher who works in the field of RFID technology. He hacks RIFD devices to look for any vulnerability which could be used to compromise them. In a video, he demonstrates how simple it is to clone a passport or a plastic credit card.

Hacking a passport is buttery smooth, but to do that, you need to be Major Malfunction. Adam Laurie aka Major Malfunction is a security researcher with expertise in the RFID technology. His main focus is to find vulnerabilities that could be used to compromise RFID-based devices.

He has also coded RFIDIOt (RFID IO tools) collection of tools and libraries, published under the GNU GPL, which could be used to explore RFID technology. “I like silly puns. Also, I’m coming at this from an idiot’s point of view: I know nothing about RFID tags, and even less about python. As such, I felt a complete idiot when I started,” — Mr. Laurie writes in response to why RFIDIOt faq.

Apart from his helpful hacking hobbies, Mr. Laurie is the director of a UK-based security firm Aperture Labs Ltd. and a senior member of the DEFCON community.

The third episode of Motherboard’s Can I Hack It? series features Major Malfunction at his countryside home. In the video, Major smoothly manages to clone the credit card and the passport of the host Victoria Turk.

Here is the complete video: