Chromebooks to Get Fingerprint Scanner, PIN Unlock Features for Better Security

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Google ports some Android security features to Chrome OS. Google is boosting the security of its Chromebooks with new features inspired by Android devices, such as a fingerprint scanner and a PIN unlock feature that will simplify user authentication procedures without weakening security.

By default, when Chrome OS users lock devices, they can unlock them by typing in their Google account password.

If the user is conscious about their account’s security, they’re probably using a long and complex password. If a Chromebook is set to auto-lock or if the user locks their laptop on a regular basis, typing in a long password every time can get annoying pretty quickly.

Google working on a fingerprint scanner

According to a commit in the Chrome OS source code spotted by the reporters at Chrome Unboxed, future Chromebooks may soon feature a fingerprint scanner that would make unlocking the device much simpler, but also secure at the same time.

The Chrome OS update has been spotted in Gru, the baseboard code for the upcoming line of “Kevin” Chromebooks.

Fingerprint scanners are currently supported on all modern smartphones and tablets and are extremely easy to use and loved by their users.

The feature is so popular and requested these days that Acer integrated a fingerprint scanner in the touchpad of its upcoming Swift 7 laptop series, so it’s certainly more than just a temporary fad.

Chromebooks to feature a PIN pad

The second security-related update spotted in the upcoming Chrome OS source code by OMG!Chrome is the addition of a PIN pad to the lock screen that can replace the Google account password input or work beside it.

Google started working on this feature in early August, and the PIN pad is already available for Chrome OS Canary and Chrome OS Developer Channel users.

Just like on your phone, the PIN pad uses a four-digit code to replace your Google account password when unlocking a Chromebook.

PIN pad in Chrome OS

PIN pad in Chrome OS