Brazzers’ Forum Hack Exposes 800,000 email IDs and Passwords

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It is being reported that a widely followed porn website Brazzers has been hacked by cyber criminals and over 800,000 email IDs and passwords currently stand exposed and vulnerable to exploitation., monitoring website, was the first one to report about this latest data breach targeting Brazzersforum(dot)com while and Motherboard, later confirmed the news.

It has been learned that more than 790,724 unique email IDs, usernames and plaintext passwords have been compromised while the hacked website is displaying an “under maintenance” message when accessed.

The purpose of the website’s forum was to let users discuss porn stars and their work with others.

According to Brazzers representative, most of the leaked data belonged to non-functional accounts but the company has banned all the accounts that are contained in the leaked dataset.

Furthermore, the company maintains that it takes “the privacy and safety of its users very seriously.”

This data hack comes as no surprise as we lately have been hearing about a lot of porn and adult websites being targeted. Such as, a Canadian dating website, was also hacked by a vigilante hacking group. During that attack, more than 37 million user accounts’ details were leaked.


This particular website was created to help spouses who wanted to cheat or start an affair secretly in finding suitable partners. To meet the partner in crime, the users were required to pay. The website’s slogan read: “Life is Short- Have an Affair.”

Needless to say, that data hacks like the ones mentioned above, put users at extreme risk of exposure because a majority of subscribers on porn and infidelity websites do not want their identities to be revealed.

As far as Brazzers’ hack is concerned, users who have used their original email address to access this site are at risk of being exposed and getting their account hijacked.

At the time of publishing this article, the targeted Brazzers’ forum was down for maintenance.