South Korea’s Military Cyber Command Suffers Embarrassing Hack

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For now, nobody’s pointing fingers at North Korea An unknown attacker has hacked South Korea’s military cyber command center last month, state officials told local media outlet Yonhap News.

Government officials said the attacker found and exploited a security flaw in a central router called the “vaccine routing server.”

Ironically, as the server’s name hints, this was a router that inspected Internet traffic to ensure the security of South Korean military personnel.


Officials said the server inspected and routed traffic for over 20,000 military computers, but the router was never directly connected to the military’s Intranet network.

A member of the parliament’s national defense committee told media that there is no evidence to suggest North Korea’s involvement, at least, at this moment.

He also said the attackers didn’t steal any information from the hacked server, which has been isolated from the rest of the network and is currently under investigation.

South Korea’s defense ministry also confirmed the incident on Saturday, saying the military’s Internet network didn’t suffer any downtime because of the breach.

In August, South Korean authorities said hackers believed to originate from North Korea attempted to breach the email accounts of over 90 state officials.

In July, North Korean hackers stole the database of South Korea’s biggest online retailer and tried to extort the company for 3 billion won ($2.66 million / €2.39 million).