Michigan State University hacked, personal information leaked online

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The young hacker Mys7erioN announced to have hacked into the database of a US organization, the Michigan State University. Data leaked online.

Today I was contacted via Twitter by Mys7erioN who revealed me to have hacked into the database of a US organization, the Michigan State University.

As proof of the hack, Mys7erioN published on Pastebin  the records of the table containing user data, including ‘user,’ including names, logins, phone numbers, emails published and encrypted passwords.

Michigan State University hacked

Mys7erioN is a young hacker, he told me that he is 17 years old from the Netherlands that is studying IT security at the school.

He was scanning some websites when discovered an SQL injection vulnerability in the systems of the Michigan State University.

In the following image is reported the list of tables included in the hacked database.

Michigan State University hacked

One of the tables, “gelstaff_mp2016” seems to be an updated list of users. The hacker also published it on Pastebin, a total of roughly 500 personal information and 222 logins.

This isn’t the first time the Michigan State University is hacked, in 2012 the hacker DARWINAREpublished approximately 1,500 names, e-mail addresses, encrypted passwords, user IDs and mailing addresses stolen from the University.