Seven websites of Indian Embassy hacked, database leaked

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Seven domains of Indian Embassy in Europe and Africa has been hacked and published by Kapustkiy & Kasimierz L on (

The countries where Indian Embassy got affected are South Africa, Libya, Italy, Switzerland, Malawi, Mali, Romania.

Indian Embassy in South Africa (  was the first one to be hacked.  The hackers published the admin login detail and password, other than that they also published the whole database containing the name, passport number, email-id and their phone numbers. The published data contains 161 entries, and the database contains 22 tables.

While the  Indian Embassy in Bern was the second target ( and it contains 3 databases with 19 tables with total 35 entries, and login details with passwords. The compromised data includes the name, last name, email id, address, college, and a course where students are enrolled.

The third country that got affected is Italy. The hackers hacked three databases with 149 entries, including the name, email-id, telephone numbers, and their passport numbers. Here also the affected are the students.

In Libya also the Indian embassy’s three databases were hacked with 24 tables and 305 entries. While High Commission of Mali was the least affected by this hack, with 14  entries and 16 tables.

The Indian Embassy in Malawi hacked database contains the 74 entries with 16 entries, including their name, email-id, and their mother name. The Romanian Embassy saw the hack of two databases with 139 entries and 42 entries separately with their passport numbers.

When E Hacking News contacted the hacker, he clarified that “I am from Netherlands. I’ve found several SQL on their website and I reported it.But they ignored me so I dumped there db” – says hacker on email.