Cryptolulz666 hacked the Dutch Chamber of Commerce in HK

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@Cryptolulz666 and his colleague Kapustkiy broke into the systems of another website belonging to a HK corporation, the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.

The hacker @Cryptolulz666, with a little help from the colleague Kapustkiy, has broken into the website of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong (

The hacker accessed data belonging to around 200 users, but he decided to leak only half of them as proof of the hack.
Cryptolulz666 told me he exploited a SQL injection vulnerability affecting the website.

A few days ago, he hacked “The Standard Hong Kong” newspaper, he confirmed me that his choice is not casual, he wants to target organizations in Hong kong.

“Yes … As you seen in the previous hack I chose a big corporation in Hong kong and I succeded… this time also chose Hong Kong because I want to make an impact on this country.” he told me. ” no country is safe”
He highlighted the fact that a silly flaw like a SQL Injection could have serious consequences if admins ignore the pillars of security.

Data leaked on Pastebin includes data related to companies working with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.

Cryptolulz ( @Cryptolulz666) is a former member of the Powerful Greek Army, who hacked several government websites, including the one of the Russian embassy of Armenia (

He also launched DDoS attacks against the website belonging to the Italian Government and the website of the Russian Federal Drug Control Service liquidation commission.