Researcher found a severe flaw in the MONyog monitoring tool

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A security expert discovered a vulnerability in the MONyog tool that could be exploited by a normal user to elevate his privilege access.

The security researcher and penetration tester Mutail Mohamed (@muleyl) discovered a vulnerability in the MONyog, the most secure and scalable MySQL monitoring tool of the server monitoring tool.

The application URL is and the affected version is MONyog Ultimate 6.63.

The flaw resides in the session management on Monyog application, it could be exploited by a normal user to elevate his privilege access by altering the session.

MONyog flaw

The exploitation of the flaw is very simple, the user just has to change the perimeters in the cookie store at that session.

The value associated with a normal user is 0, attackers can change it to 1 to gain admin privileges.

The researcher demonstrated that is to elevate privileges by manipulating the value of the following Cookie parameters;

  • HasServerEdit
  • IsAdmin

The hack will allow the user to create roles, view the passwords stored in the setup and change other settings via the admin section.

Below a video PoC of the exploitation of the flaw.

I reached the researcher for a comment:
“Since this is a commercial application and organizations pay for this, they At least need something secure and worth that price. ” explained Mutail.
“The organization could have a huge impact on this, because if let’s say a normal user goes rogue, he could get admin level access to organizations network. Since this application does use LDAP authentication. “