Dutch coder built backdoors into thousands of websites

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Dutch developer used built-in backdoors in websites to steal personal information of customers. A 35-year-old unnamed web developer from Leeuwarden, Netherlands has used personal information stolen from customers to open gambling accounts, convince friends and relatives to transfer money, and make online purchases on his behalf, according to The Register. Some of the identity abuses are impossible to trace, police say.

Apparently, this man who left backdoors in the websites he developed has left email accounts of 20,000 people being hacked, warns law enforcement.


The Leeuwarden man portrayed himself as a legitimate webmaster building e-commerce sites, but instead stole customer logins using the backdoor.

A notice published by Dutch police says that “Various companies used him to build sites with web shop functionality. The man was able to capture usernames and passwords by installing a special script. He then used those credentials to break into email and social media accounts of customers of those shops.”

The extent of his crimes came to light after a related police investigation from 2014 expanded in scope, which eventually led to his arrest last year.