BlackArch Linux 2017-03-01 Hacking Distro Released With 50 New Tools And Kernel 4.9.11

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Short Bytes: The developers of BlackArch ethical hacking distro have released the new ISO images of their operating system. BlackArch Linux 2017-03-01 is now available with 50 new hacking tools, Linux kernel 4.9.11, and updated packages. The users can visit the BlackArch website and download the latest ISO images. 

There are many categories of Linux distributions. Just recently, I told you about the best Linux-based operating systems for beginners. Another popular type of Linux distributions is ethical hacking distributions, a list which is consistently ruled by Kali Linux.

Whenever we talk about Linux Kali alternatives, we often end up talking about Parrot OS. But, there’s another great option that’s based on Arch Linux. Yes, I’m talking about BlackArch Linux. I keep tracking its releases regularly, and today I’ll tell you about the freshly baked BlackArch Linux 2017-03-01.

BlackArch Linux 2017-03-01 is now available with an updated build that consists of lots of updated components and packages. This update of ethical hacking distro has added more than 50 new tools.

BlackArch Linux 2017-03-01 new features and changes:

  • All system packages updated
  • All BlackArch tools added
  • 50+ new tools added
  • Linux kernel 4.9.11
  • Several fixes in installs and dependencies
  • Menu entries for windows managers

New ISOs available — Download and installation

So, if you’re willing to try out the new tools and get these fixes, you can go ahead and grab the updated ISO files in Live and Netinstall version. The ISO files are available in both 64-bit and 32-bit versions. The Live ISO version has a complete and functional BlackArch Linux system and netinstall image is a light ISO for bootstrapping systems.

You can grab the torrent and ISO files here from their website.

It should be noted that BlackArch devs don’t recommend the use of UNetBootIn to write the ISO to USB drives. Instead, they ask you to use the following code. Here, /dev/sdX is your USB drive and file.iso is your ISO file:

The default login for ISO files is root:blackarch

Did you like the new changes and features of BlackArch Linux? Do share your views and feedback.