Hacker “His Royal Gingerness” Jailed for Cyber-Attack on UK Hospital, Airport

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Daniel Devereux, 30, a British man calling himself “His Royal Gingerness” has been sentenced to 32 weeks in prison for hacking the websites of the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, and the website of the Norwich International Airport.

His punishment came today in a sentencing for a case he was charged in 2015 after he used SQL injections to take down the websites of the two aforementioned institutions.

Devereux first hacked the Norwich International Airport in September 2015, and the website of the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital in November 2015.

Hacker uploaded videos of the hacks on YouTube

After each incident, Devereux, under the alias of His Royal Gingerness, uploaded videos on his YouTube channel boasting about the hacks and showing a step-by-step walkthrough of how he achieved his intrusions.

Because the hacker used poor operational security (OpSec), authorities were able to track down the cyber-attacks to his home and arrested Devereux the next year.

He appeared in court last month [1, 2] and admitted his crimes. Today, Devereux appeared in the Norwich Magistrates’ Court where he received his sentence.

Hacker said he tried to do the right thing first

As part of his legal defense, and in his YouTube videos, Devereux claims he informed both the hospital and the airport’s IT staff about the security flaws in their websites. He says he took the decision to hack both sites after his emails were ignored.

UK officials said both victims suffered from the cyber-attacks. The most affected was the airport, whose website was down for three days. The damage was so severe, the airport’s management decided to rebuild the site from scratch. Airport officials estimated the damages caused by loss of income and IT costs to nearly £37,000 ($47,000).

The hospital’s site was offline only for a day, and fortunately, it did not affect the hospital’s clinical procedures.

Devereux is prohibited from using the Internet for five years

According to Eastern Daily Press, who had a reporter in court today, Devereux suffers from mental health problems. He is already in prison for an unrelated crime. The local reporter claims that Devereux, who has ginger hair, smiled as he was led away from the court room.

Besides the prison sentence, the judge placed Devereux under a five-year Criminal Behavior Order (CBO). The CBO implies that Devereux must surrender all his passwords for online accounts and is prohibited from owning or using an Internet-capable device.

Below are the videos Devereux uploaded online boasting and describing the two hacks.