Hackers Threaten to Take Down Steam as Summer Sale Begins

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“We are attacking Steam and we will attack all the servers”.

Valve officially kicked off the Steam Summer Sale on June 22, and just like every year, the gaming platform is suffering from slowdowns, with some users complaining that the service was even down completely at certain times and they couldn’t connect.

And while this is nothing unusual since the Summer Sale generates huge traffic from gamers hungry for deals on their favorite titles, hacking group CyberTeam claims they are behind the inconsistencies that users are experiencing as we speak and which started a few hours ago.

In a message posted on Twitter, the CyberTeam group said they are “attacking Steam in the test, the attacks that are occurring are not official, very soon we will attack all the servers.” Of course, it’s hard to verify these claims and the server issues that some people are hitting might be caused by the huge traffic generated by the sale.

CyberTeam also alleged Skype attacks

The hacking group, however, threatened to take down system earlier this week, after allegedly launching an attack against Microsoft’ Skype VoIP platform. On June 19, CyberTeam claimed to have launched a DDoS attack that took down Skype and knocked it offline for nearly 3 consecutive days in Europe, at that time also promising to go after Steam in the near future.

Microsoft has never confirmed the hack attacks, and Valve remains tight-lipped on the slowdowns that Steam is suffering right now, but the good news is that the service remains online despite all these problems.

DownDetector indeed confirms problems at Steam on June 22, but there’s nothing out of the ordinary for a sale, with most users complaining they couldn’t connect to the service, log in, or play games.

In the meantime, the Steam Summer Sale continues with some huge discounts for a lot of games, and given that no major outage was recorded, you’re free to go check out the lowered prices.