One of the Internet’s Gatekeepers Is Eyeing Sneaky Cryptocurrency Miners

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Websites are hijacking computers to mine digital coins. Cloudflare, an internet security company founded in 2010, has quickly become an integral part of how many websites operate. As one of the largest purveyors of protection against denial-of-service attacks,

Now, the company is setting its sights on the growing trend of websites hijacking their visitors’ computers to mine cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency mining—using computers to solve math problems in exchange for a reward of digital coins—can be a lucrative venture. So much so, in fact, that some websites are experimenting with ads that use visitors’ computers to mine cryptocurrencies in order to make some money. Recently, popular torrent site The Pirate Bay implemented a coin miner without telling users and swiftly became the target of public backlash. Now, TorrentFreak reported on Wednesday, Cloudflare temporarily suspended another site’s account on their platform—ProxyBunker—for doing the same. (Cloudflare wouldn’t comment on specifics, and the site is currently online.)