Canadian SMBs: How technology can help you stay energized

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Getting any business up and running is a major challenge, but keeping it going from strength to strength is just as difficult, and requires owners to remain energized as they strive to improve all aspects of the company.

This is a crucial mindset to have as a company looks to establish itself within an ever-evolving market. Canadian small and medium businesses (SMBs) use a multitude of skills and resources to continuously improve all aspects of their companies’ performance. One of the most critical areas for these owners to focus on is implementing the latest technology — as this will help them improve their product or service, and improve customer retention with help from their customers.

Using technology will help SMBs take control of the direction they wish to move in, while they also empower their customers with the right information and resources. ESET’s brand ambassador in Canada, Marc Saltzman explains: “Developing online resources creates a user-friendly experience for your end-user and takes a lot of pressure off of your team.”

It is incredibly important for SMBs to keep their staff educated on cybersecurity best practices, as this will make them more confident in handling situations that arise. In the long run this will hopefully keep their businesses more secure should an incident occur.

Once staff are educated in this area it is a good idea to keep up momentum with employees by engaging them in brainstorming ideas for upcoming projects.

“Listening to your employees is a great-untapped resource for most SMBs. New and fresh ideas can be extremely valuable to adapt to emerging customer needs as economic conditions and technologies evolve,” suggests Saltzman.

Another excellent way to ensure the business continues to grow is to consider outsourcing your IT requirements as building a trusted relationship with your IT partners can result in the development of a positive and proactive effort that will allow you to upgrade your security services in a way that best suit the needs of the company.