Cryptocurrency mining, will be more challenging with new Google Chrome

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According to the information security companies, hidden cryptocurrency mining is very common lately. The boom of recent months in terms of the price of cryptocurrency and the interest of users has made this problem grow. As we know, when we mine we put our device at risk. Now, a change that Google Chrome will make to improve browser performance will indirectly influence cryptocurrency mining and reduce its efficiency.


Google engineers and information security experts plan to limit the power of the CPU that some types of JavaScript scripts run in the background. This means that our device consumes fewer resources in what we are not using at that moment. This, logically, affects the hidden mining of cryptocurrencies, since it uses our CPU in the background.

Since the Chrome version 57 already includes an acceleration system for the JavaScript code in the background. At that time Google decided to limit JavaScript “timer” operations from a tab in the background to no more than 1% of a CPU core.

Google made this move to prevent the background tabs from executing JavaScript code that was not necessary or that did not produce visible results for the end user.

Now, Google is expanding this acceleration mechanism by running the browser JavaScript code in the background.

Cryptocurrency miners based on JavaScript, such as those used by Coinhive, Crypto-Loot and all similar services, depend on this. Therefore, indirectly, are harmed by this novelty that will implement Chrome.

cryptocurrency mining

The same limitation applies, and JavaScript commands that run in background tabs will not be able to access more than 1% of the CPU’s processing power. This means that cryptocurrency mining scripts cannot run without brakes and boost 100% CPU usage if the user switches to another tab.

Information security researchers of the International Institute of Cyber Security say that the intention is to prevent scripts from negatively affecting navigation. In addition, this inevitably harms the device, like the battery consumption of a laptop.

This affects the hidden mining of cryptocurrencies, it is a very serious problem and it has increased a lot in recent times. It is a type of malware very present in our days. Many websites use this tool legitimately. They warn users that their device is undermining. However, others do it in a hidden way, putting at risk the good functioning of the users’ device.

There are pages and methods to check if we are mining in a hidden way. It is also convenient to have security tools and programs that are up-to-date. Various information security companies like WebImprints recommend that this software must be updated to the latest version, this way we will be able to face the most recent threats.