Microsoft will eliminate the use of passwords in Windows 10

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A number of professionals in information security can be asked if at this time the existing technology is reliable enough to make use of a system as widespread as Windows 10, all without the usual passwords. Microsoft is one of those companies that think that conventional “passwords” are a thing of the past, so they want to offer resources, for them more secure, of authentication in the operating system.

no password

This method has already been seen in the last Build launched to the Insider program, where it has begun to test a new function that makes Windows 10 software without password, as a company dedicates to information security said. Currently available for Windows 10 S users, the method is based on the “Authenticator” application available for Android and iOS. So, with this app on the mobile, we can authorize or block any access request, so Microsoft states that the passwords would be removed completely.

In the same way you have to configure the Windows Hello feature in Windows 10 S, so the conventional passwords will disappear from the entire Windows experience, including the unlock screen or the logins. In this way, by configuring Windows Hello and then the Authenticator application on the mobile, the passwords will no longer be necessary throughout the system.

Although all this method may seem safer for the users themselves, at least in the eyes of the company, it is likely that once it begins to reach everyone, probably this spring, the problems will start, as usual in these cases. And that’s because we talk about relatively recent technologies that, although simple to use, their configuration is probably a bit delicate.

“…not all users are experts in this subject, so perhaps many disagree with all this and prefer to continue making use of their password via keyboard”, said an information security researcher form the International Institute of Cyber Security.

It should be noted that the “Mode S” will also be integrated very soon to other versions of Windows 10, so everything indicates that soon or later  this experience without passwords will be available to everyone, most likely after the publication of Spring Creators Update in a few weeks.