OnePlus confirms the attack on the payments page

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OnePlus has confirmed that more than 40,000 customers have been affected by an attack on the payment page by a malicious code has been operating capturing and sending information from credit cards that users have been introducing, affecting those users who entered information from the middle of November until January 11 last.


As per an information security company it seems that users who have already entered this information before the period mentioned above were not affected. Neither have been affected those users who have chosen to make their payments through the Paypal platform.

Official confirmation has been made from the company’s forums, which are already sending emails to users who may have been affected, so that the data on their cards could have been exposed to the attackers.

According to a cyber security company, OnePlus has disabled the bank card payment page a few days ago when it became known that some of its customers began to notice fraudulent charges in their bank accounts.

OnePlus regret what happened and appreciate to have “an attentive and informed community.”