How to hack using PARAT- Remote Access Trojan (RAT)?

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According to cyber security specialist; a Remote Access Trojan (RAT) is a type of malware that controls a system via a remote network connection as if by physical access. While desktop sharing and remote administration have many legal uses, RAT is usually associated with criminal or malicious activity. A RAT is installed without the victim’s knowledge and will try to hide its operation from the victim and from the Anti Virus software.

PARAT is an open-source, multy-threaded, socket and python based remote administration tool. It mainly uses python in core and uses IPv4 for communication and self-encryption for your privacy.


PARAT has two versions:

  • Local mode
  • Remote mode

In the local mode, when you start PARAT using python2, you are redirect to local mode and there you can:

Control your local options, Change UI elements, Do edits, Use your unix shell, Set listen ports, and Generate backdoor, to mention some, but don’t forget some local commands are available also on remote mode.

You can get in remote mode only when you have connected connections, using sessions -c ID by replacing ID with targets valid identifier. Here the information security expert has full access to target machine and so can do remote actions.

Also, you can set local password for PARAT client and remote connections use self-encryption algorithm.

Although there have different and better options to handle multiplicity, they decide to use threading module for do this. The reason of this choice is that PARAT is a simple tool and designed just for educational proposes. They stop using more sophisticated implements in that aspect. It’s also necessary to point that you can listen to different ports at one time using this feature.

Just do these steps:

Enter PARAT main menu using python2

Make the backdoor use generate -i -p 4444 -o backdoor.pyw

Run backdoor.pyw on target

Play with target on remote mode, using sessions -c 1

Also listen on the port using listen -p your_port

Change log:

Compatible with both python 2 and 3 versions Copy and paste on your terminal:

git clone cd Parat && python

It may need to install python -m easy_install pypiwin32 on some targets.


Fully UnDetectable (FUD)

Compatible with Telegram messanger

Windows Bypass User Account Control (UAC)

Memory executation

No any requirments to setup


You can communicate PARAT using telegram messanger. For this do steps:

Open telegram.service file by an editor

Insert your bot token on line 15, replaced on YOUR_BOT_TOKEN

Run telegram.service by typing: python telegram.service