A ransomware was discovered that any user can distribute for free

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A team of cyber security researchers has detected a new ransomware that has been named Saturn. It differs from other pieces of malware, since any user can become a distributor in a simple and free, because its creator or creators have launched an affiliate program through which distributors can take a percentage of the rescue paid by victims.

Saturn is a Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) that provides users with everything they need to launch attacks without the need of great computer skills. Unlike other RaaS that can be purchased on the Dark Web, Saturn is completely free to access. What applicants have to do is sign up for the affiliate program on the portal that the creators have launched, and once their application is approved they receive the necessary instructions to start distributing the ransomware.


“What distributors have to do is inject ransomware into executable files, Office documents or PDFs for example, and launch spam attacks or malicious advertising campaigns. The objective is to infect as many victims as possible and get them to pay the ransom, since they will receive most of the benefits”, explained the data securityexpert.

According to the report, when someone pays to recover their files, the distributor will receive 70% of the money, while the remaining 30% will be for the creator of the ransomware. The price of the rescue is specified by each distributor, it may vary depending on the person who launched the campaign.

We hope that it does not become a tendency, since this model is very dangerous; anyone can become a distributor and get money quickly, easily and without the need to make an initial investment.