Hackers sell Apple ID in the Dark Web for 15 USD

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Apple is once again present for non-positive issues. Recently there were articles where companies claimed to have managed to find a way to unlock any iPhone. Today news report that cybercriminals are selling Apple ID for about 15 Dollars in the Dark Web.

Less than € 15 is the value of an Apple ID, according to research conducted by information security training experts, these Apple IDs are the non-financial accounts that are paying better in the Dark Web.

hacker dollars

The company Top10VPN, which offers VPN services, has revealed that Apple IDs cost on average $ 15.39 each. This amounts to almost 15 Euros. As already mentioned, it is the highest price a buyer pays in the Dark Web for an account that is not related in any way to financial services.

PayPal is the most expensive one, according to information security training researchers. Specifically, an average of 274 dollars is paid for an account. A figure that, as we see, is much higher than an Apple ID account. Others related to finance, such as Western Union, are bought for $ 101. A debit card is around $ 67.

A Microsoft account to connect to Skype will sell for about $ 10. Cybercriminals use these accounts to spread malware, link to fraudulent sites or enhance phishing, according to the information security training specialists who conducted the investigation.

As we know, phishing is one of the most frequent threats through emails. What the attackers seek with this is to obtain the credentials of the victims. Try to subtract the username and password. It is very common in bank accounts.

There are several ways to avoid phishing. The main thing is to use common sense. A bank, for example, will never ask for credentials through an e-mail. We must also avoid putting our data on a page that we are not sure if it is the official one. We must avoid falling into possible baits, social engineering, which hackers use for their benefits.