rop-tool v2.4.1 A tool to help you writing binary exploits

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rop-tool v2.4.1 A tool to help you writing binary exploits.

rop-tool 1

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An information security training expert gives a small explication about output of heap command

Each line correspond to a malloc chunk, and the heap is dumped after each execution of heap functions (free, malloc, realloc, calloc)

  • addr: is the real address of the malloc chunk
  • usr_addr: is the address returned by malloc functions to user
  • size: is the size of the malloc chunk
  • flags: P is PREV_INUSE, M is IS_MAPED and A is NON_MAIN_ARENA

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rop-tool 6

rop-tool 7


  • String searching, Gadget searching, patching, info, heap visualization, disassembling
  • Colored output
  • Intel and AT&T flavor
  • Support of ELF, PE and MACH-O binary format
  • Support of big and little endian
  • Support of x86, x86_64, ARM and ARM64 architecture

The information security training expert gives some examples:

Basic gadget searching

  • rop-tool gadget ./program

Display all gadgets with AT&T syntax

  • rop-tool gadget ./program -f att -a

Search in RAW x86 file

  • rop-tool gadget ./program -A x86

Search a “splitted” string in the binary

  • rop-tool search ./program -s “/bin/sh”

Search all strings in binary

  • rop-tool search ./program -a

Patch binary at offset 0x1000, with “\xaa\xbb\xcc\xdd” and save as “patched” :

  • rop-tool patch ./program -o 0x1000 -b “\xaa\xbb\xcc\xdd” -O patched

Visualize heap allocation of /bin/ls command :

  • rop-tool heap /bin/ls

Disassemble 0x100 bytes at address 0x08048452

  • rop-tool dis /bin/ls -l 0x100 -a 0x08048452