Two Cyber Security Menaces, How to Be Protect

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As criminals become more focused on the use of technology to commit a crime, online security has never been more essential.

Private individuals and big businesses alike should constantly be looking at the latest trends and emerging threats in an increasingly connected age, information security training experts said. It’s vital that the business is doing all that it can to beat the cyber criminals and protect the company and those that it employs and provides for.


Here are the two biggest security threats that you need to be aware of in 2018.

Ransomware in the Cloud

Ransomware allows criminals to deny official users access to their own data, and will usually result in a payment in order to regain access, information security professionals explain.

It has been a major issue and is made even more so by the fact that so many businesses are making use of cloud-based services for their data-storage. It’s vital that you protect your cloud access as much as possible. This will come down to staff training on basic security, such as password or passphrase generation and the need for personal devices to remain as secure as business devices.

Data Breach & Human Error

No matter how technologically advanced the cyber criminals become; the biggest issue is still your employees. From clicking on a corrupted link in an email to using the same passwords across every platform of your company, your staff members are the number one cause of data breaches.

If you struggle to maintain an awareness of common security issues, then it may be time to make use of a security partner when it comes to your IT strategies. Turn to expert support available to help with cyber security, and you will free up your staff and yourself, enabling you to prioritize your workload in more profitable directions.

According to information security training researchers, a data breach can cost you a lot more than your profits and may end up damaging your business reputation beyond repair. Make sure that you are doing all that you can to prevent costly incidents, and you can move into the future feeling much more secure.

Managing your security doesn’t need to become the most time-consuming element of your daily business management. With a little awareness and a recognition of the latest threats, it is possible to delegate and guide your IT strategies in order to offer the best security for your business, staff, customers, and suppliers. Failing to keep your systems updated, or not taking the time to keep up with the current criminal trends, is the first step to becoming a victim to the cyber criminals.