Dutch banks affected by cyber attack, all services disconnected

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Dutch banks ABN Amro and Rabobank affected by DDOS attacks on May 27, which has affected their online banking system with offline servers.

Information security experts commented that malicious actors launched DDoS attacks against two bank servers and overloaded the affected traffic to the websites.

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A group of information security professionals explain, DDoS attacks are when several systems overflow the bandwidth or resources of a specific system, usually one or more web servers. DDOS attacks are often the result of multiple compromised systems, such as a botnet, flooding the target system with traffic.

The first attack was launched against Rabobank and ABN Amro last week, which caused online and mobile banking to disconnect, iDeal payments and websites were inaccessible.

Now banks, private companies and government organizations are the targets of strong DDOS attacks and companies must take measures to reduce the risk and cost of DDOS attack, always keep their eyes and their network.

According to the ABN Amro spokesperson, malicious actors are jumping from one bank to another with these attacks.

Information security professionals are auditing the bank’s servers and tried to recover the servers to put them online after the second attack this Sunday.

Rabobank reported that its online services went back to work starting at 2:00 a.m. of Monday.

A spokesperson for ABN Amro commented, “The security of Internet Banking, Mobile Banking and iDeal was not in danger.”